best courts papers

Papers that received the grade of A or A- in the Seminar on International Courts

Scrimenti, Santo A.

International Legal Remedies for Ukraine (Fall 2015)


PDF icon Scrimenti.pdf

Ostergaard, Erika

International Remedies for Corruption: Correlating Impacts with Human Rights Violations (Fall 2015)


PDF icon Ostergaard.pdf

Nickel, Ashley

Is the U.S. Sanctioning Torture When Refusing to Adjudicate?: The Abu Ghraib Atrocities and Political Question Doctrine (Fall 2015)


PDF icon Nickel.pdf

Kemper, Kyle

The Crime of Aggression: Will the Amendments be Adopted? (Fall 2015)


PDF icon Kemper.pdf

Durané, Marie

Latin America's Cold Shoulder to the ICSID Convention (Fall 2015)


PDF icon Durane.pdf

Borelli, Cecilia

The Investor-State Dispute Settlement in TTIP: Democracy Under Threat? (Fall 2015)


PDF icon Borelli.pdf

Diaz Garcia, Susana Daniela

Access for Children to International Justice (Fall 2014)


PDF icon DiazGarciaGRADUATING.pdf

Ramírez-Echevarría, Natalia

Issues on Impunity and International Criminal Responsibility: The Role of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in Response to Amnesties for Atrocities in Latin America (Fall 2014)


PDF icon Ram_rezGRADUATING.pdf

Melander, Kyrsten L.

Bolivia v. Chile: Jurisdiction and the Second War of the Pacific at the International Court of Justice (Fall 2014)


PDF icon Melander_Intl_Courts_Final_Paper.pdf

Chen, Angela.

Victim, Rights-holder, or Worker: Human Trafficking in the International Criminal, Human Rights, and Labor Frameworks (Fall 2014)


PDF icon Chen.pdf
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