seminar on international courts

best papers from the seminar

The Investor-State Dispute Settlement in TTIP: Democracy Under Threat? (Fall 2015)


Victim, Rights-holder, or Worker: Human Trafficking in the International Criminal, Human Rights, and Labor Frameworks (Fall 2014)


Access for Children to International Justice (Fall 2014)


Latin America's Cold Shoulder to the ICSID Convention (Fall 2015)


The Crime of Aggression: Will the Amendments be Adopted? (Fall 2015)


Bolivia v. Chile: Jurisdiction and the Second War of the Pacific at the International Court of Justice (Fall 2014)


Is the U.S. Sanctioning Torture When Refusing to Adjudicate?: The Abu Ghraib Atrocities and Political Question Doctrine (Fall 2015)


International Remedies for Corruption: Correlating Impacts with Human Rights Violations (Fall 2015)


Issues on Impunity and International Criminal Responsibility: The Role of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in Response to Amnesties for Atrocities in Latin America (Fall 2014)


International Legal Remedies for Ukraine (Fall 2015)