[Seminar on International Courts--LAW 738--Fall 2002--John Heywood & Chris Brantley, Professors]

Presentation Schedules

12 November, 19 November, & 26 November 2002

On 29 October 2002, we will hold an in-class lottery to choose presentation slots. If you are not present, you will be assigned an open slot after the others chose their slots. Trading of slots is permitted, but: (1) You must imform John Heywood immediately, and (2) the trading deadline is Tuesday, 5 November 2002. Reading assignments will be based upon who is presenting on a given day, and we must have them set by 5 November to be fair to all.

Your prepared presentation is limited to 15 minutes. We will then have 10 minutes for questions. Because of the large class size, we will have to be brutal in enforcing time limits.

Reading assignments are simple. You do not have a reading assignment on the day of your own presentation. On the other two class presentation days, your reading assignment is the rough draft of the person who, on that day, has the same presentation slot number as you do. So for each presentation, there will be two other students who will have read the rough draft and will be able to ask thoughtful and informed questions.